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Seven Reasons India is Primed for Growth

I published a new piece with Sameer Somal, CFA, earlier this month: Seven Reasons India is Primed for Growth

It's a polite way of pounding the table. Global Investors and Indians alike appear to be significantly underinvested. The country has a smaller weight in the MSCI Emerging Markets index than Taiwan, but almost four times its GDP. Its homegrown businesses are increasingly global power players, and its diaspora is the largest (and arguably the most influential) in the world. 

We decided to put the reasons why the subcontinent is heading for a secular boom on paper. Here they are: 

  1. Real returns are available.
  2. A demographic dividend is due.
  3. The middle class is booming.
  4. A digital revolution is brewing.
  5. The India Stack is growing.
  6. India’s fintech opportunity is here.
  7. Institutions are strengthening.

The full piece is freely available, but you'll have to click over to the Enterprising Investor to read it.