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Weird Ideas Conference

I’m thinking about organizing a weird ideas conference.

Its mission would be to embolden open curiosity in the field of investment management. Ideally, a spirit of “I might be crazy, but I’ve done the work” will permeate the whole thing. Any marketing intention will be judiciously screened out, and presenters will be held to strict standards of credibility, brevity, and clarity. 

I’ll do everything I can think of to make sure everyone present feels engaged and able to express themselves. 

The event would most likely be held on a weekday in Bushwick, Brooklyn, cost less than $100, and take a little more than a half day. 

Here are some subjects I’d like to discuss in particular:

  • The innate weirdness of investing.
  • Investment lessons from the crypto.
  • What is mainstream thinking, exactly?
  • Rumors, conspiracy theories, and other forces shaping geopolitics.
  • The cost of “status quo” policy in real terms.

I hope to add to the above, but also to intersperse a series of “lightning talks” throughout the programming. These would be ten minute presentations on an intentionally wide range of topics. 

If participating in this sounds fun to you, please fill out this brief survey